The cat fell from the fourth floor but several people came to her aid by showing great solidarity

Manon Martin Y Mateos loves her white cat Saïko, an adorable Maine Coon.

The 20-year-old girl lives with her pet on the fourth floor of an apartment building.
One day, when Manon heard that a white cat had fallen from the fourth floor, she started looking for her darling, but couldn’t find him.

She understood that, unfortunately, it was her Saiko that had fallen from the top of the building.

So, Manon ran into the yard and saw a crowd of people who wanted to help the cat and his mistress.
The girl found her kitten running away from the shock of the fall.

The cutie had blood in his mouth and a wound on his legs. Obviously, the kitten was scared.
Luckily, the people helped him so that he didn’t get hit by cars in the heavy traffic.

Manon called a rescue team to rush her to a vet.

After being examined, the vet said there was nothing serious and he only had his mouth torn and he was bleeding from that injury.

The doctor’s words relieved Manon who was afraid of losing her beloved kitten.

After being subjected to an X-ray, it became apparent that the kitty also had broken legs.

But the doctor confirmed that it was not serious, it only needed a little surgery.
Manon is grateful to everyone who came to her aid by shaking her adorable kitten.

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