A boy left his dog in the park with a touching note

In Mexico, there is an organization that helps find lost animals and finds homes for abandoned and homeless animals. We once received a report of a dog that was discovered at 8:00 a.m. tied to a bench in the park.

Upon arriving at the scene, a frightened dog was found lying on a bench with a note. This note was written by a child who was forced to abandon Max, his dog, because his parents mistreated him.

The note was written in Spanish.

Here is the translation of the text:

“Hi, pick me up, I’m Max. I ask you to take this dog home and take care of it, please. It hurts me a lot to leave him here, but I made this decision because my family abused him constantly, and it hurt me to see him suffer. If you’re reading this, and your heart is beating faster, take care of it. If not, please leave this note where it was originally put for others to read and collect my dog. Thanks “.

The dog showed aggression, because he was afraid of people.

It took two hours to get Max off the bench.

Max quickly calmed down, but he was still very afraid of those around him. His rescuers took him for a walk so he would feel comfortable and start treating them with more confidence.

He became less and less aggressive and freed himself from his fears.

We decided to change the dog’s name to Boston, because the name Max was only associated with bad memories.

The volunteers of the organization testify: “In the car, he did not lie down on the seat, but on the ground, as if he was trying to hide. At that time, he was still scared.”

“We managed to find a garage, so Boston could sleep there until we found a better place for him, because we don’t have our own shelter.”

“Every time we rescue dogs, we pay for their accommodation until they are adopted, and since it was Sunday, and it was very late, we couldn’t contact anyone.”

We realized that he was more afraid of men than of women, which made people think that the one who abused him was a man.

Only a week later, Boston began to get used to people.

We sent the dog to an intensive school for 6 days. It was a chance for him to face his fears and make sure there was no danger around him. There he learned the basics of obedience, interacted with other dogs. It helped to open up to the outside world. He also learned a few commands, such as sit and lie down.

Currently, Boston is still looking for a home. He shares a home with 14 other dogs. The owner of this house lives with his father and loves animals. He loves Boston, and Boston loves him. Every day they go for walks and play.

We really hope that this charming dog finds his foster family soon.

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