A 66-year-old woman became a mother for the first time How she and her daughter are living after 14 years

The daughter of this 66-year-old woman is already 14: How do they live?

In order to achieve her cherished dream and finally feel what it was like to become a mother, this 66-year-old woman named Adriana had to face many difficulties and obstacles on her way.

In her youth, the health of this charming woman would allow her to have children, while her husband strongly refused to have any.

The man did not let her become a mother, and during those years there were a lot of problems with her health, and her age no longer allowed her to give birth.

However, at the age of 66, Adriana decided to go for the ECO procedure in order to have a chance of having a baby. Needless to say, society was quick to criticize the elderly woman claiming that this would not be fair and that her baby could certainly not be raised properly by an elderly woman. But for the determined woman who has written 25 books about children, that was no obstacle.

The baby was born when Adriana was already retired. The woman devoted her career and the rest of her life to bringing up her long-awaited miracle.

At the moment, Eliza is already 14 years old and she has no problem with her self-control. Adriana is 80 years old and she hopes her doctor will take care of Eliza in case she dies suddenly.

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