Woman Stays With Her Horse For Three Hours After 900lb Animal Gets Stuck In Mud

It’s a great story how the owner stayed near her horse for three hours. And finally the brave woman managed to save her little girl and two horses.

The walk on the beach was a real nightmare for the mother, her daughter and their two horses. It was shocking for Nicole Graham; who was with his horse-Astro; when she saw how the girl Paris and her horse were stuck in the mud. Goods on the woman rushed to save her daughter and her horse.

Astro tried to find a way out; it was like a tragedy for him. And his landlady began to calm him down; until the little girl finds help to save her friend’s life.
Finally the rescue team arrived; and they succeeded in exhausting the horse and its owner by giving him a sedative

The rescue of the animal was made possible thanks to the efforts of the firefighters, who teamed up with a veterinarian and a local farmer. Luckily the horse was not seriously injured, he was a little dehydrated.

“It was a race against the tide and luckily we won,” said firefighter Lt. Roger Buckle. “It was like quicksand.”

To know more about this story you can watch this video

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