This mother of triplets showed an honest photo of her body after giving birth

A pregnant woman named Maria Nordo Jorstad posted a photo of her huge belly, inside which three babies were waiting to be born. The adorable photo surprised millions. She honestly showed off her pregnancy status with triplets, earning her thousands of Instagram followers.

And recently, she gave birth to three adorable babies: Iben, Philippe and Agnès, and now she continues to share the daily life of a mother with many children on the network.

After a week of work, Maria shared her photo and said she had a weird hanging belly. She wore a special bandage, otherwise her C-section scar would hurt from the stretching of the skin.

After the pregnancy, she found an abnormality in the abdominal muscles. She also had posture and breathing problems due to feeding babies.

12 weeks after giving birth, Maria’s belly hasn’t changed much. It is still not recommended physical activity and exercise. She can only do breathing exercises and wear a bandage.

We hope she gets back to her former shape and feels wonderful.

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