‘One of the prettiest girls on Earth’ is what Bellucci’s daughter’s beloved looks like

Here at what does Bellucci’s daughter look like, Deva’s boyfriend

Young Deva Cassel immediately started gaining fame and success once she stepped onto the modeling industry sphere.

It should be noted that the adorable girl is often called “the prettiest on Earth” by many fashion critics.

However, the young girl is often heavily criticized, as many believe she is trying to gain notoriety from her iconic mother and is nothing special. But Deva calmly reacts to this without paying much attention to the negative. She is simply proud of her mother and does not want to replace her.

Moreover, the wonderful girl has a beloved whose name is Lucs Salandra. He studies in Paris and also works as a model. The couple first met because of their mutual friends and have a lot in common.

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