In Brazil, people helped a giant armadillo return to the forest

When we think of a falcon, we usually think of a small, stiff, cleverly curved animal made of discs. Most of them are like that, and there are plenty of them in the United States and Central America. However, South America is home to the giant animal, Priodontes maximus, which is heavier than a human being.

Adult animals usually measure 20 to 32 kg, but the animal can reach 54 kg, and some zoo animals can weigh up to 60 or 80 kg. Its body length is about 1 meter and its tail is 0.5 meters.

This is the largest carcass, but is considered very rare and endangered. Gray armadillos eat termites, ants and their larvae. It also feeds on earthworms and carcasses.

Armadillos have up to 100 fangs in their mouths, the most fangs of any other land mammal.

The large claws on the forelegs, especially those on the third toe, can reach 20 cm in length and are considered the longest claws in the animal kingdom. Armadillos in the wild are not easily seen and are not well known to scientists.

Recently, however, in the Brazilian municipality of Barra do Garças, a giant armadillo was discovered in a very busy place.

Fortunately, he was discovered quickly, an ambulance was called, the animal was taken care of and taken to a veterinarian.

Tests revealed that the armadillo was completely healthy and had probably entered by mistake. They decided to release him into the wild. Rescuers took the armadillo further into the forest and released it.

There he was returned to nature. If you look at the photo, you can see that it is a large animal with a thick and long tail. After some time wandering, the armadillo ran into the forest and disappeared into the woods.

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