A squirrel in a very difficult situation has been rescued in London

A squirrel climbed into this London mansion in search of food or out of curiosity and… got stuck in the worst possible place: the toilet. Another reason to always close the lid.

It was an ordinary Sunday for residents of cottages in London’s Southwark district. Until one of the residents goes to his toilet and suddenly sees a squirrel wading through the toilet.

The squirrel was clearly in a very unpleasant situation, she had been in the bathroom for at least an hour and couldn’t get out. The squirrel was all wet and very tired. The owner of the house immediately called the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA).

Officer Kirsty Gillard came to the call. It was easy to get the squirrel out, a stick was lowered into the toilet and the squirrel immediately grabbed it.

After that, the squirrel was taken out and wrapped in a towel to dry it.

Next, Kirsty Gillard examined the squirrel and found that besides wet wool, she had no injuries or other issues.

“I think she broke into the house through a window in the roof, and ended up in the toilet when she wanted to hide. Luckily she didn’t need any further help and the animal was immediately released into the nearest park.”

Kirsty also noted that although she has seen strange and funny situations with different animals many times, this case is unique to her, no one in the toilet has been stuck before.

“I remember saving a bat stuck in a sink, but now this squirrel gets the crown for the most unusual case.”

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