A Solid Cat Has Suddenly Taken Care Of Two Kittens

Two tiny kittens Koi and Haku were left without a mom and fell into one of Japan’s street animal shelters.

And in Japan, many shelters operate under a very strict system. Stray animals, whose owner is not established, only receive a few days to be taken care of by the family or by someone who took them into their care, otherwise they are euthanized.

A woman named Midori managed to rescue the Koi and Haku kittens at the last moment and brought them to her home. Midori is already home to four cats rescued by her, including striped cat (Tabby) Wang at an already solid age. From day one, he began to show new tenants increased attention.

The first thing Midori took care of was the health of the kittens. Koi and Haku were so small and skinny that they needed increased Nutrition. The photo below shows that the kitten is smaller than the remote control for the TV.

Each weighed less than 120 grams, in addition to having an eye infection and needing to wash their eyes and instill the drug.

Midori’s husband started to help feed the kittens with milk, and the cat Wang was nearby the whole time, then he suddenly started taking care of the kittens, as if he was their mother. He was lying next to them, heating them with his body and licking them.

For Midori, it was very surprising to observe the maternal instinct of the cat. And the kittens began to return the favor to Van, confident that it was their lost mother. The kittens now follow Van wherever he goes.

And also sleep with him on the couch, occupying all possible free space.

And in these very cute photos, the kitten sleeps in an embrace with the tail of an adult cat.

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