‘Love knows no boundaries’ This 63-year-old millionaire proposed his 24-year-old Portuguese girlfriend

A millionaire at his 63 proposed his 24-year-old girlfriend on the red carpet

On the red carpet, a very special and remarkable event took place recently.

A millionaire at his 63 decided to propose his girlfriend who was much younger than him, only 24 years old.

The man gently knelt down in front of his beloved, took the beautiful ring and proposed to her. Fortunately, the young Portuguese said “yes”.

On her social media, the bride remarked that it was undoubtedly the happiest day and, in fact, the start of their carefree married life.

It should be noted that the couple first met in a nightclub when she was a dancer and he was a colleague at the time.

After their first meeting, the couple realized that they felt something more towards each other and since then they have been inseparable.

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