In Brooklyn, a street cat and her kittens that she hid under wooden planks were saved

In one of the yards in Brooklyn (New York), one day a stray cat appeared and gave birth to kittens. The cat was observed by a local resident and according to him there were five kittens initially, but shortly after birth two died for unknown reasons. After that, the cat moved the remaining three kittens to a safer haven under the old boards.

The man felt that the cat and her remaining kittens are still unsafe to stay on the streets and approached the humane society ‘Flatbush Cats’, which is committed to helping stray cats in the area.
“After getting permission to enter this yard, our first challenge was to find the kittens without scaring mum too much,” says the Flatbush Cats volunteer, “the Cat hid the kittens under the boards next to a pile of debris, leaves and discarded things.”

People found kittens and checked they were okay so far. After that it was necessary to catch the mother-cat.
“She was very suspicious, so we had to set the trap and then completely leave that yard and be nearby, listening carefully to hear the moment the trap slams behind the cat.”

The cat was very hungry and after only 10 minutes after people left, she climbed into the trap cage where the food was. When she ate the furthest piece, the cage door slammed shut and people heard her. The volunteers rushed out of the shelter and rushed to the trap to cover it with a piece of cloth so that the cat would calm down.

After that, it’s the kittens’ turn. The three of them were safe behind the boards and they just climbed out one by one. The cat and the kittens were brought to the shelter and reunited there again. The cat immediately licked the kittens and began to feed them.

Later it was revealed that help had arrived in time, the remaining kittens had medical issues which could lead to their death. All three had a respiratory infection, and the smallest kitten (the ginger one) had a partial rectal prolapse and needed a medical procedure to fix it.

Each time volunteers visited her kittens, the mother cat was very aggressive, she tried to protect her offspring and loudly hissed at people.
“Mom still hates us, even though we take care of her and her kittens 24 hours a day, we feed them, etc. To correct in his cage, we had to apply a handful of mop.”

The kittens were given names: Phoenix (little redhead), Jasper (almost black and only boy) and striped Harley (the boldest and most lively). The kittens grew very quickly and started running around when they were 4 weeks old. Kittens at this age began to be socialized to prepare them for admission into the family.

“Phoenix is ​​our little red sun with a tail cut like a Bobtail. She is the smallest of the litters, but has made great progress after dealing with her medical condition. She is also the first of the kittens to start eating wet food after finding it in Mom’s bowl.

When the kittens grow up, they are sterilized and find their masters. With a cat mother, everything was not so easy. To live in a house with people, she was too wild and aggressive, and the possibilities of a small local shelter were also limited.

It was decided to sterilize the cat, but then return it to the yard where it was found, while constantly monitoring it, feeding it and caring for it if the need arose. The cat will also be cared for by the good local resident, who called the Humane Society first.

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