13 Year Old African Boy Draws People Very Accurately. It seems that these are not drawings, but photos

Talented children are born all the time. To prove themselves, they do not need to attend profile courses. They accept their gift and begin to present it.

Our hero was born in a simple family, where there are no artists, but nature gave him an incredible gift – he paints very well. Karim started creating his first paintings when he was 6 years old. He lacked the artist’s professional supplies: easel, quality paper and paints. The child enjoyed the drawing process and started mixing colors and applying them to the paper.

At the age of 8, Karim changed residence with his family: mom, dad and grandmother. Fortunately, not far from his new home was the Iowole Professional Art Academy. The Academy students painted in the street, and the boy started looking at them excitedly. The little artist realized that not only is he interested in drawing.

Karim’s painting saw the director of the Academy and was struck by the child’s talent. The man helped the boy into school, and when he was 8 he became a student.

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, our hero does not always manage to implement their ideas. The studies of the Karim family are helped by his teacher. But there is not enough money for special paper, paints, brushes and other drawing supplies. About his work, the boy says, “My family works hard so that we have something to eat. And that inspired me.

The main style in which the boy works is hyperrealism. He draws people’s faces in great detail. They are represented in such detail that they look like photos.

One of Karim’s successful works is called “Daily Bread”: the boy, after a hard day’s work, sits down at the table and begins to eat, veins and drops of sweat appear on his face. The meaning of this image: earning food is hard work.

Karim believes he has a great future in the artistic world. In her plans to graduate from the Academy and seek further learning opportunities. Today, the boy has followers on Instagram who admire his work.

Nothing is impossible in this world. If you have a unique gift and aspire to your dream – you will succeed as our hero. Karima didn’t stop anything from achieving her goals. The main thing is to push forward and never give up.

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