This little Thumbelina, who will always keep the size of a doll, is really beautiful

Many people have never even heard of type II microcephalic osteodysplastic primary dwarfism. Simply put, this is a particularly complex version of dwarfism, in which the body does not grow at all. Abigail Lee had the misfortune to be born with such a genetic condition.

At the moment, Abigail is already two years old, but her weight is almost like that of a baby – only 4 kg, instead of the prescribed 20-30 kg. The baby is completely healthy, he eats well, plays and develops, but does not grow. She is like a doll for her older sister who is 6 years old.

Abigail wears baby clothes and eats at a doll’s table.

Unfortunately, medicine does not yet cure this type of dwarfism, but we hope that scientists will find something in the future.

Abigail will be able to walk, perhaps with difficulty. She will be able to study and live a long and happy life, unless, of course, all the conditions are created for this. But it will never grow. We hope she will be lucky and happy in the future.

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