A woman saves a bald kitten awaiting euthanasia and transforms into a beautiful cat

Now everyone who sees the hare admires its bright appearance, is content with a well-fed face and neat fur, and almost a year ago no one even wanted to approach it.

The 5-week-old nearly bald pup came from the streets to a shelter in the city of Las Vegas, and no one would take him in and care for him. The kitten lived for a week at most, then we put it to sleep.

But he was lucky when he was spotted by Nikki Martinez, a private cat rescuer who came to the shelter to observe the new animals. He immediately noticed the slender, half-ball kitten sitting in the cage, which caught his eye and meowed back. It was as if he were saying: save me, I want to live.

Nikki decided to give the kitten a second chance. She named him Bunny and took him to the vet, where it was discovered that the baby had a fungal infection called shear lichen, which was the reason he was bald. The doctor prescribed antifungal tablets for the kitten, but after a few days it became clear that they weren’t working for some reason.

Moreover, because of them, the health of the kitten, on the contrary, deteriorated, and Nikki decided to save the kitten in other ways for now. First of all, it was necessary to stabilize its weight, the small one was very thin.

“The first few days she was so weak that her husband checked on her regularly and let me know if she was still alive,” says Nikki Martinez. give him liquid nutrients by syringe. It was only after that that he slowly started eating wet food.

Every day was an adventure for the rabbit. The cat was strong and fought for its survival.

After two months, Rabbit gained almost a kilogram, the fungus was crushed, and his fur began to grow slowly.

With Bunny fully recovered, it was a tough day for Nick to part ways. The kitten was found by a loving family who continued to give her medicine. Soon Bunny began to grow into a very beautiful cat with unexpectedly soft fluffy fur.

Now he is already a mature and strong cat, very gentle, but with a strong character. Nikki never tires of being proud of herself and her work.

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