The old man died after losing his adorable companion

Dogs can mean a real world to anyone closely related to them. They are man’s best companions and help him in various things.

For Ken Pendagraft senior, his beloved pet, Zach, was a reason to be active and happy. Zach has been very supportive with everything. It has helped its owner to walk, be active and enjoy his life. But a great misfortune befell them when Zach fell ill. He suffered from glaucoma, severe arthritis and a 6/6 heart murmur that made surgery impossible. The poor man had no money to help his unlikely companion. He was in a terrible state and asked his neighbors for help.

A kind woman, Carol, decided to post about Zach’s plight in hopes that someone would respond and help them. His efforts paid off big time. An animal rescue organization decided to cover all costs and help Ken and his dog. The staff did everything to save the poor animal. But the poor animal could not survive and died.

But that was not the end of the sad story. Poor Ken thanked the center staff for being so caring and kind to his dear friend. But he felt extremely lonely and depressed. And shortly after the poor man lost his wonderful Zach, he died.

Animal lovers will certainly understand this pain and grief.

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