It was a big mop that turned out to be a cat

Last week, a man planted a cat carrier outside the door of a Nevada animal shelter in the middle of the night.

When shelter staff opened it the next morning, they were shocked at what was inside.

It looked like a big ball of faded hair. They could not see the legs or the muzzle, and therefore people did not immediately understand where the “end” and the “beginning” of the animal were.

At first they thought it was a dog. It happens to dogs if you don’t take care of their fur for a long time. But then they saw the cat’s face and were even more shocked.

The poor cat could barely move and couldn’t stand due to the huge ball of loose hair. And no one knew who kept him and how long he had been in this state. Even getting the animal out of the carrier was a problem, he was barely holding on.

“When we saw his face, we all exclaimed. “Oh my God: It’s a cat.” “None of us had ever seen cats like this,” said shelter worker Liz Begovich.

According to Begovich, the poor cat was immediately taken to the vet and injected with sleeping pills. After that, all the fur was shaved off the cat. The fur weighed more than 2 kilograms.

Beneath the fur was a very well-fed cat, nicknamed Bob Marley. He was untreated, but at least he was well fed.

“After the shave he was finally able to start walking and he loved it. He even runs now.”

Bob Marley looked about 10 years old. He is now looking for a more caring owner.

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