Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissena ignored her career protecting the health of her adorable horse

Horses are very intelligent and talented animals. People love these animals for their fascinating beauty and for their devotion.

There are equestrian sports that use the abilities of the horse, including dressage, which is a very popular and very spectacular sport where the presentation of the horse-rider couple is very special.

Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen and her horse Parzival carried silver and bronze medals in individual and team dressage to the 1912 London Olympics.

But Adelinde withdrew from the Rio Olympics in 1916, protecting the health of her horse.

Ella had to respond to rumors that Parzival suffered a hairline fracture in Rio.

Adelinde started the ordeal, but noticed that her pet’s face had swollen alarmingly.

So, she stopped continuing the competition.

It turned out that Parzival had been bitten by some kind of insect the day before, causing the toxins to emerge in his body.

“He had a toxic fever and we made him drink fluids to flush out the toxic,” Adelinde said.

Shortly after, an attack by speculators was unleashed. They stated that the horse may have suffered from a hairline fracture of the jaw.

Adelinde replied to all these people: “Anyway, I’m just happy that Parzi is happy and healthy again”.

Adelinde Cornelissen posted a photograph of her sweetheart Parzival rolling in one of Rio de Janeiro’s outdoor bullrings.

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