A Young Boy Opens A Sanctuary For Animals. He Has Already Saved 22 Dogs And 4 Cats

In the endless conflict between boomers and zoomers, we can often overlook touching examples of good deeds happening around the world that challenge generational stereotypes.

Eduardo Cayoado has always been passionate about helping animals in need. He has been rescuing abandoned animals all over the city since he was 9 years old and about a month ago, with the support of his family, this young activist realized his dream and opened his own shelter called Edu Paçoca Institute.

“I’m trying to make this world a better place. And I know that the miracle that people ask God for is something that happens every day, whether it’s feeding a stray dog ​​or helping an elderly person by writing a few letters. This year, I realized the great dream of building my institute. I rented a house and I have sponsors who help with the expenses. I go there every day. Sometimes I hitchhike, sometimes I cycle 30 km, but I never complain because it was always what I dreamed of. I don’t need a doghouse, I need a house. I want them to know that even if they are not adopted, they will be with me until they are old and die,” Eduardo told Annoyed Panda.

Eduardo said the idea of ​​opening a shelter was born last March.

“It is cold in the area where I live and many stray dogs have died of hypothermia. There are no public actions here, so I decided to help. I picked up blankets, built houses with ponds and fed them. A week later there were three, then there were other dogs, and when I returned to them there were already ten. Everyone followed me.”

It is more than a refuge. The Du Pasoka Institute is the first recreational type shelter in Annapolis. There’s nothing like it in town

17-Year-Old Opens Unique Animal Shelter And Has Already Rescued 22 Dogs And 4 Cats

This temporary pet house functions as an entertaining daycare where pets are prepared for adoption with care and various activities.

“I want the Institute to become something much more than a warehouse for dogs. In an entertaining daycare format, I want to make them happy and healthy so they can be adopted later,” Eduardo said.

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