A girl posted her photo on social media and no one guessed how old she was

She is a very beautiful girl, guess her age

Many people try different cosmetics, others turn to plastic surgery or search for ancient secrets – everyone works in different ways, but strives for the same goal – to find the secret to beauty and longevity .

One of the Tik Tok bloggers showed up to the audience and asked them to guess her age. If you look at this representative of the weaker sex, it immediately becomes clear that you have a fairly young and attractive girl in front of you.

The girl’s name is Frances Penn. None of the commentators could even come close to solving it. A woman leads her channel on an entertainment platform, she dances, films other trends that are well received by the public.

Not so long ago, a new video appeared on the channel in which a woman talked about her life and her age.

@franciapena #fyp #mother #foryoupage #latinamom ♬ original sound – Antonio ✪

In the video, the girl appeared in a beautiful short dress, says that she already has an adult daughter. She also mentioned that she turned 46 not too long ago. However, few people believed her, because in front of them is a beautiful, well-groomed woman with young, smooth skin and a beautiful figure.

Frances says she doesn’t feel her age and is beautiful only because she feels young and attractive. Commentators described their thoughts:

“I won’t give you more than 25, it’s amazing that you look like that”.

” It is not possible. I am very surprised, I would never give more than 26”.

” You are very beautiful. Tell us how you take care of yourself.

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