A Dog-Sized Bunny Is Looking For A Lover Who Will Love Her Completely

When the RSPCA received reports that many rabbits were not being well cared for, the service sent a team to investigate. When they arrived at the scene, they were shocked by what they saw.

Not only were the 47 rabbits kept in small, cramped and dirty conditions, but the rabbits were Flemish giants, so many of them were just plain huge.

The largest weighed around 18 pounds and was the size of an average dog.

The cages the rabbits lived in were too small to accommodate them and they were not treated with the utmost respect. After the rescue, they were all checked by a vet to make sure there was nothing wrong with their health.

“These poor people lived in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions which would have been unbearable for them, especially in the heat,” said RSPCA inspector Trevor Walker. Fortunately, the vet found them all healthy. one was taking medication for his dehydrated eyes and a cut on the back of his neck.

Apart from a few minor issues, all the rabbits are doing well in RSPCA care and once they have had time to settle in and come to their senses they will be put up for adoption.

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