Rescuers Saved These Puppies From Euthanasia And Brought Them A New Life

Sick puppies were taken to a local shelter by their owners who were unable to care for their pets.

The staff at the center understood that they couldn’t manage on their own. So the shelter needed the help of qualified specialists.

So they approached the Vet Ranch team. It is a non-profit animal rescue organization staffed by veterinarians and volunteers who take great care of pets.

“Our goal is to reduce the number of euthanized dogs in local shelters which are overwhelmed.

Our veterinarians treat stray animals in need of veterinary care and we try to find them a welcoming family,” writes Vet Ranch on its official Facebook page.

Working together with the Abandoned Pet Project, the team set out to save the puppies.
Unfortunately, they failed to save two sick puppies, which were infected with canine parvo.
But, they came to fight effectively against skin diseases.

Veterinarians studied the bodies of both puppies to find out the cause of their death and it was found to be a canine infection.

“We did our job well. But, currently, we have to take care of the puppies to save them permanently.

Luckily, the team was able to save most of the pups that were already adopted by meeting their new loving and caring families! “, explained Dr. Karri.

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