Photos of the actors in their famous role and now

These roles brought them fame and popularity. But time has passed, and beloved actors have changed. Some of the actors are still active today, some have retired. We still remember them in those iconic films, see how much older and more solid they have become.

Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger (72)

T-1000 — Robert Patrick (60 years old)

Leon — Jean Renault (71)

Mathilde — Natalie Portman (38 years old)

Seth Gekko – George Clooney (58)

The Narrator — Edward Norton (49)

Tyler Durden – Brad Pitt (55)

Marla Singer—Helena Bonham Carter (53)

Vincent Vega — John Travolta (65)

Mia Wallace—Uma Thurman (49)

Tina Carlyle—Cameron Diaz (46)

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