It’s Lucky: 7 Cases Celebrities Suddenly Showed Up At Someone Else’s Wedding That Made It Unforgettable

A wedding is one of the brightest and most unforgettable events in everyone’s life. Everyone is worried about how it will be organized, how everything will turn out the same way, because I want the memories to remain exceptionally good.

We have prepared for you some wedding photos in which this event went very well, even a hundred times better than expected, and all thanks to random coincidences and unexpected guests.

They are here.

1. Tom Hanks, 2008

Due to extras from the Angels and Demons movie, the newlyweds were unable to make it to the venue. Then the actor even stopped filming and personally led the bride down the aisle.

2. John Travolta, 2013

The groom-to-be accidentally bumped into the actor before the wedding, he asked John to watch his celebration, and he didn’t refuse.

3. Brad Pitt, 2013

The wedding of these young people took place in the same hotel where the film “Rage” was shot, so they met. The actor was invited to a solemn ceremony, the guests were shocked.

4. Adam Sandler, 2018

The actor happened to pass by the place where the young people took a photo and voluntarily agreed to take a photo with them.

5.Bill Murray, 2014

Bill Murray has not yet attended a wedding, only an engagement, but he gladly agreed to take a photo with the young man.

6. Tom Hanks again, 2016

Good Tom bumped into the newlyweds in New York’s Central Park and behaved like the real Tom Hanks.

7. Keanu Reeves, 2018

At the right time and in the right place. Fortunate! .

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