In order not to grow old, this Chinese couple decided not to have children at all Here’s how they look at 60

This is how the 60-year-old couple look childless so they don’t get old

There are a large number of couples whose feelings for each other fade over time so that they stick together by force and are unhappy, or else decide to divorce. While there are still those whose love manages to survive every difficulty and obstacle and the partners remain beloved and loyal to each other. So the story is about one of those rare and exemplary couples.

L. Songxian and M. Jinting were considered one of the most successful Chinese actors. They mainly gained worldwide fame and popularity during the 80s-90s with starring starring in many movies.

As the spouses were in fact second cousins, they could not decide whether or not to marry over the course of 14 years. While one day, they spontaneously decided to legalize their relationship.

The couple chose to ignore the gossip, instead decided to fully enjoy their youth together.

The couple also decided not to have children at all for several serious reasons: less stress, no exhaustion and less stretches: thus, a much happier and calmer life, according to them.

And this is what the famous Chinese couple looks like in their 60s.

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