Caring American Akita sensed something was wrong with the pregnant woman, even when the doctor said otherwise

Dogs are amazing creatures, they are capable of many things that are beyond human control.

Dogs can smell even if the source is inside the human body. And because of this they feel when their owner is sick.

Caring American Akita Felt Something Was Wrong With Her Pregnant Wife, Even When Doctors Said Otherwise

A dog proved its owner’s love in an unusual way. She used her sixth sense to help a woman.

Keola is an American Akita dog who lives with his owners in England. The hostess took good care of her pet and Keola was considered part of the family.

Keola recently learned that his mistress was pregnant. The dog was thrilled, but couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was wrong.

The woman began to suffer from lower back pain. She discussed severe back pain with her doctor, but the doctor said it was a side effect of pregnancy.

She returned home believing the pain was caused by a growing fetus. And even if she believed the doctor, Keola knew better.

The dog felt something inside his master. The girl noticed that the animal behaved strangely, but did not understand why.

“When the doctor sent me home and told me that nothing serious was happening, the dog looked at me in such a way that I even got scared,” says Alana.

“I took a photo of Keola and posted her photo on social media with a humorous caption about the movie “Hachiko, a dog story”, where the dog does it too. But to my surprise, my friends advised me to take this situation more seriously.”

Time passed and the dog continued to worry. The owners understood that the animal meant something.

“Nobody knew I was seriously ill, nobody knew, but Keola knew. She was pushing me and crying, but I just couldn’t understand why she was doing it.

The woman took the worrying signs from her pet seriously. She was hospitalized again and was taken to intensive care the same day.

Doctors discovered that the woman was on the verge of death. The future mother’s kidneys were badly affected by the infection. And the lower back was sore from the reflected pain.

Worse still, the girl had a rare type of infection. If she had consulted the doctors a little later, it would be impossible to save the woman.

Thanks to her dog, she was able to survive and give birth to a healthy child. A baby who has a beautiful guardian angel named Keola!

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