A cat saves its owner from a very poisonous snake. The reptile had climbed through the open door and hid in the shopping bags.

An Australian man suffered horrific shock after being alerted by his cat to the presence of a dangerous snake that was hiding.

Ricky Owens came home from shopping and put all the groceries in the fridge.

He then left forgetting to close the door.

When he returned, his cat Gordon was frantically walking around the chair.

At the same time, he hisses, extends his claws towards her and jumps back.

Ricky didn’t understand what was going on, but he left the house again.

When he returned, the cat had already hissed and taken the shopping bag.

Ricky noticed that there was a tabby snake a few feet away from him and the four-legged cat.

This type of snake is very dangerous and it can make you cry when you meet it.

“I could see the snake’s belly sticking out a few centimeters.

The man was able to grab the snake’s tail and threw it out the window.

Now, Ricky said he took the cat’s behavior seriously and closed the door.

We are really happy that this incident has a good ending, because it is understandable that the situation was very serious which could bring misfortune.

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