The pigeon Herman who can’t fly and the chihuahua dog Lundy who can’t walk fell in love at first sight and are now good friends.

Herman, a pigeon who can’t move, and Randy, a Chihuahua dog who can’t walk, fall in love with each other and are now good friends.

The remarkable bond that unites two different species is more than just a struggle for survival.

These magnificent animals sometimes bond to prove that love, friendship and attachment know no boundaries.

People will be surprised when they discover the extraordinary bond. They met at the Mia Foundation, a rehabilitation center for disabled animals.

Saved by an animal rescue team, Herman is a student.

We found him at a station. A pitiful creature, unable to fly or move. He fought to live. He was unable to walk. He ended up in the same shelter.

When Herman and Randy met, no one expected them to become good friends. The staff took photos and shared them on the networks. Everyone was impressed and the handsome duo became a household name.

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