The girl, who was still under a hat, was completely changed and looked like a movie star

Olia’s life was uninteresting and lonely. He had no friends, so he found solace in horses. Olya is working in stable condition. Over time, the girl completely stopped caring about her appearance, wearing makeup, only stepping on her tail and wearing a hat all the time.

Olia’s parents began to worry because the girl did not even have a boyfriend. Therefore, they turned to stylist Ilyas Sakhtara with a request to transform the girl and find her own style. After all, Olya herself has a big dream to have a family, but for this she had to put her appearance in order.

Ilyans Sakhtara agreed to help. First of all, the hair color and length have changed. Then Olya received a beautiful make-up, emphasizing her eyes and lips. And then the stylist took her clothes. It was a delicate white dress adorned with delicate jewelry. Thus, the marvelous look was ready.

Now Olya looks like a beautiful movie star, she has become a spectacular blonde with an elegant figure. And we hope his life will also become amazing.

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