The dog fell into distress when he was separated from his adorable cow who had nursed him

Everyone knows that on our planet man is the only reasonable being. But these non-speaking creatures, called animals, can surprise us with their incredible wisdom and delicate emotions.

Animals can befriend each other and humans too. Often, we encounter unlikely friendships between different species that charm us with their depth.

This dog, called Novichok, lived on a farm. He was a very small baby when we adopted him. A mother cow took care of the orphan pup. The owners were aware of their tender and friendly relations. But they didn’t know how attached the two animals were.

The farmer decided to sell half of their cattle. So we loaded the sold animals into trucks to transport them to the new farm.

And the puppy cow was among those animals. The owner did not know that this separation could be fatal.

Poor Novichok realized that his beloved cow has gone away forever and they will never see each other again.

Losing all hope, he was screaming and crying all the time.

And then the adorable pup was thrown into deep distress. The animal stopped eating and eventually was destroyed. No one could comfort him.

Then the family realized that it was all because of the sold cow and only her best friend could console their pet.

And the next day, the puppy’s adorable cow was brought back to the farm by the owner.

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