A man visited his beloved bear after many years: the animal who recognized his former guardian remembered all their childhood games

We talk a lot about the incredible intelligence and behavior of animals.

It’s not just pets that form loving friendships with humans or with different species.

Even, wild animals can befriend any creature.

This bear was found by rescuers when he was a tiny cub.

After being rescued, she was sheltered at the Orphan Wildlife Center in New York. We called her Sonya and she became the most adorable animal in the shelter. The cub was lively and sociable and he, too, liked the staff at the centre. But there was one man, shelter keeper Jonathan, for whom Sonya had a special affection.

Sonya the teddy bear and Jonathan the keeper have formed a wonderful friendship. The man was one of his guardians. They had a good time playing together.

However, Jonathan had to leave the reserve and the bear and her friend haven’t seen each other for years.

But, one day, Jonathan decided to visit his beloved bear. He also wanted to know if his cub would remember him.

The moments of their meeting were captured and many people were moved and amazed at the captivating images.

The kind-hearted giant bear recognized his former friend, but not merely recognized. The gentle creature remembered all their childhood games that they liked to play together.

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