A homeless man walked into a cafe to eat and the waitress fed him without thinking it was a check from the management

Society towards the homeless is not always tolerant, while these vulnerable people need to be supported not only by the government, but also by people whose behavior is often far from humanism.

Usually, men do not accept them in transport, in shops and in other public places.

And the staff of the cafes asks them to leave the places.

But these are unhappy people and no one knows why they appeared in such a situation and what soul hides in their bad appearance.

A young girl, named Marina, works as a waitress in a café where people come to eat during breaks, alone and with their families, or simply have a cup of coffee.

One day a homeless man came into the cafe to eat something. He wore worn and dirty clothes.

The cafe staff refused to serve it. But upon noticing it, Marina approached to take the order.

After finishing the order, she was called to the manager of the cafe and he told Marina in a threatening tone, if the homeless man didn’t pay for his lunch, she was the one who would have to pay .

But, in the end, the customer paid even leaving a tip.

And then it became clear that it was a control from the manager of the cafe who wanted to check the behavior of his employees.

Currently, the position of cafe manager is occupied by another employee.

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