A Heartbreaking Story This Kind-Hearted 12-Year-Old Carried His Disabled Friend On His Back For Many Years

This sweet kid has been carrying his disabled friend on his back for six years

This tender-hearted Chinese boy lost control of his muscles at the age of four. Fortunately, Zhang lost her ability to walk independently.

This did not prevent him from going to school and acquiring knowledge. For six years already, his most faithful friend has deliberately carried him on his back from class to class. His big friend also takes the poor boy to the toilets and the cafeteria.

Xu, his best friend, claims that it is not difficult for him to take him where he wants or needs.

Absolutely everyone is amazed by the deed of the little hero and is really proud of him. The handicapped child does not even know how to thank his faithful friend for always taking care of him.

His friend admits that he wishes to be involved in this kind of service in the nearest future to offer his invaluable help to the needy and disabled.

He’s a real hero, right?

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