Werewolf-like cat rescued in Florida

Some time ago, a strange creature appeared in a residential area in Florida, rummaging through trash cans.

Its coat was gray-black, short and unkempt like that of a rat, it had a very thin body and a black “mask” over its mouth. Due to his resemblance to a werewolf, he was nicknamed “The Werewolf Man” by locals.

In fact, he was a stray cat with a rare genetic mutation called lycosis. Based on this mutation, a new breed of cat was bred in the United States about ten years ago, often called the goose cat.

This stray cat, or rather this feline, suffered not only from a genetic anomaly, but also from otitis externa and ingrown toenails. According to the cat rescuer, the cat was most likely abandoned on the street after being used for breeding at a private concert.

Chris nicknamed the cat Logan and with the help of animal rescue volunteers he was able to quickly trap the cat and capture Logan inside.

A veterinary examination revealed that the cat was around eight years old and very afraid of people.

Logan was not microchipped and had not been sterilized. Besides, he had probably lived in a kennel until then.

Her ears were also infected and had to be cleaned with a special product and ear drops. He also had bad teeth, many of which had fallen out on their own. He had only six teeth left.

On top of that, the “werewolf” had fleas and inflamed eyes. He was also mentally unstable, scared of everything, and every time you touched him he had bumps.

Logan was able to relax in the arms of Chris, his “adoptive mother”. Logan now lives in temporary accommodation and is slowly recovering, both physically and mentally.

Once Logan fully recovers, he will be offered for adoption and a forever home will be found for him.

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