This little creature approaches a couple on vacation: the stray puppy begs to be adopted

Morgan was vacationing in Fiji with her boyfriend.

Indeed, the mother and the beach arouse various delicious feelings: adorable days at the edge of the mother with azure waves, the beach of fluffy sand, a breeze whispering through the palm trees, the flavor of the cocktails with coconut milk, a life full of exoticism and fantasy.

But Morgan’s vacation was significant, not only for those pleasant days, but also, it was the beginning of a loving relationship, not with her boyfriend, but with another being.

When the couple was sitting by the sea, a cute little puppy approached them. And how could we leave him unattended?

He was a small stray dog ​​with sad eyes. And it was love at first sight for Morgan.

“We were sitting there when this little pooch appeared and I couldn’t stay indifferent,” Morgan told The Dodo.

But this puppy differed from other dogs. He was sick and thin, his hair was dull and he was not in great shape.

And all this did not prevent the girl from falling in love with this innocent creature. Morgan took the puppy with her, but the holidays were over and she had to come back.

Bringing the baby back to Australia would take three months to prepare the adoption paperwork and get permission to travel with the dog.

Luckily, the girl found a foster home for her pup who could stay there with the caring volunteers until some paperwork was ready and then they could travel together.

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