Cunning chihuahua manages to straddle his labrador friend and swim on his back

A little chihuahua named Tim lives with his amazing labrador friend named Ben and loves spending time with him.

Their owner, Jenny Leach, 52, loves both dogs equally, but Tim is constantly “neglected”. So he started riding Ben to make himself look taller. It quickly became a permanent habit. Ben was older than her and take that for granted. She was so calm and kind and she loved Tim too. So the little naughty boy was smart to get on top of him and not get so tired.

And then Tim realized he could also swim on Big Furry Ben without even getting his feet wet. At home Tim likes to sleep on Ben’s wide back and when he wakes up takes him to the kitchen for a bowl of food.

Ben and Tim even have their own Instagram with nearly 20,000 followers.

Ben has the biggest and kindest heart of a dog. And Tim loves attention and being sweet and warm. The two are great friends. They form a very harmonious combination.

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