An ugly cat with a huge belly turned into a real beauty

Carmen Weinberg, head of the private animal-help company Animal Friends Project, visited a trailer park in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“I went there to bring medicine for a cat, then I saw this gray cat on the side of the road. She was sitting completely still.”

The woman stopped by the cat, came out with a jar of food, and started calling the cat to herself. The cat finally got up and started to approach Carmen.

He was a completely unsightly cat with a frown and a huge swollen belly, and his muzzle and paws were covered in thick crusty scabs from mange.

At first, Carmen decided the cat was pregnant, but then saw her sterilization scar. So, the huge stomach was either a consequence of the disease, or the presence of a large number of parasites.

“When I saw what condition this cat was in, I immediately decided to take her home. She was too sick and weak to live on the streets.

Carmen gave the cat the nickname Angel and began to treat him.

Angel was covered in fleas and ticks, and in his belly were tangles of worms. Carmen gave him medicine for the worms. I washed her, treated from mites and fleas, fed abundantly.

The cat tolerated all procedures very well and was friendly and humble even during bathing.

And then the rehabilitation period began, the cat slowly recovered, the scabs from the mange disappeared, the wool became smooth, and the eyes opened wider and wider. The huge belly disappeared shortly after taking worm tablets.

A month later, the cat turned all 180 degrees and turned out to be very tender and affectionate.

After her recovery, Angel entered temporary foster care with volunteer Vera Brazeau and was then placed in the cat section. available for adoption.

Carmen has no doubt that Angel will soon have a permanent home.

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