A Street Cat Desperately Asked the Fire Department for a Visit and Got a Permanent Home

One day, a little stray cat came to the door of the fire station hoping that they would help him.

The Steinbach Fire Department in the city of Steinbach, in the province of Manitoba (Canada), was very surprised to pass by and see how a little cat stares insistently out of the window directly at him.

It’s cold and the little creature was in the serious situation, he kept sitting under the window

Finally the firefighters let the poor animal go home.

The cat was hungry for a wolf.

Station manager Kelvin Thuy, who already had four cats at home, offered to take temporary custody of this cat and bring him home. He gave her the nickname Amber and took her to the vet the next day. Not to mention the slight frostbite on the tips of the ears, the veterinarian recognized the cat in good health.

During these examinations, Amber did not resist at all, but seemed to appreciate the human attention.

Then they decided to find a permanent master for her. So far the cat has been carefully rescued and after 10 days it has been neutered. Amber quickly came to her senses after the operation and is now gaining weight and starting to play with toys in a temporary family.

“We’ve posted photos and her announcements on Facebook and it seems to have already found a host for her,” Calvin Thuy said recently.

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