A sea turtle trapped in tree roots was saved by a kind man

A man named Miguel Angel Escobar had a boat and loved to cruise the seas with his family.

One day, while sailing along the coast of Honduras, Migel noticed something amazing. It was a huge turtle caught by tree roots near a destroyed shore.

At first, travelers thought the turtle was dead.

But Escobar decided to approach the animal to better understand the situation. He pulled the pontoon ashore and reached the trapped turtle.

“When I touched the turtle, the poor animal moved its head and let out a whisper “Escobar told The Dodo.

The young man got to work.

The roots were quite tough, but the man managed to cut them one by one with a cutter he had in his boat.

The sea turtle continued to move its head and legs more vigorously. Finally, the sea giant was free.

She was lucky enough to meet such a family as Escobar’s. Otherwise, she would have died being held captive for a long time in the roots of trees.

The hikers believed that the turtle, having passed out, would go to rest on the shore.

But, after being released, the colossal reptile transformed into a very active animal.

She began to swim briskly and immediately swam away towards the depths of the mother.

Escobar thought the turtle had come to shore to lay eggs and, unfortunately, was stranded.

But the young man was sure that the marine giant will still manage to give birth to his descendants.

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