This man made his dream come true by residing in his unique house in the forest

A retired American, Bruce Campbell is a former electrical engineer. He lived in Hillsboro, Oregon. He had a desire, that of rebuilding an old vehicle by installing it in the middle of the forest to house it.

Since 1999, Bruce Campbell lives in the house of his dreams. He said he was one of the happiest people in the world. With his incredible act, he shocked everyone.

First, the man bought a piece of land in the forest to then live there in a big car.

But one fine day, he decided to buy a plane, fit it out and make it a comfortable home.

He found an old Boeing 727, but the plane was in Japan and the 66-year-old had to spend a bunch of money transporting it and setting it up in Portland, in a forest.

Then the man set about furnishing his new home. He has installed all the comforts to feel comfortable.

Bruce is proud of his fantastic habitat. He loves when people show interest in his impressive apartment.

According to the France Info site, he paid for the plane 85,000 dollars and for the work carried out inside, he spent 188,000 dollars.

Usually this plane flew in Greece. But when Bruce bought it, it was already broken and the man brought it back before it was taken to the scrapyard.

According to Bruce Campbell, apart from acquiring the house of his dreams, he acted for the benefit of the environment, since the dismantling of this plane would be more or less a damage for the environment.

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