The pregnant mare escaped from the slaughterhouse and thanks to animal rescuers became a happy mother

A horse named Silva was stolen by people who wanted to take him to the slaughterhouse. But the mare managed to run away from the thieves in the fields.

One day the animal rescuers saw him wandering along the road. They took the animal to a special shelter for horses.

Silva was afraid of people and started not trusting them anymore!

The shelter staff decided to save the mare from this cruel reality.

The rescuers did everything so that the horse trusted them and could overcome this depressive situation.

When the workers realized that the mare was pregnant, they did their best to make the horse feel comfortable.

They stayed with him in the stable for a long time to show that he was safe and loved.

After being rescued, the mare finally gave birth and gave birth to a healthy foal.

Silva began to trust people again and she showed them her gratitude by her kind condition.

When the baby and his mother were feeling well, members of the animal welfare organization decided to find Silva’s owner.

They installed ads on the internet. In two days, a farmer arrived, he was the master of the horse.

The man was very happy to find his mare and especially with his healthy baby.

Silva recognized his owner and expressed his feelings with a gleeful neigh. He was beaming with happiness.

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