The incredible bravery of a boy who risked his life to save a deer

A brave boy risked his life and showed incredible courage to save a helpless baby deer from suffocation.

The boy, named Belal and recognized as being in his infancy, held the grove of youngsters obscenely with one hand above his head as he glided through the rushing river.

During the trial, the public did not know if the boy was seeking another appearance.

When he finally reached the other side, locals rejoiced when the deer was reunited with his family.

The incident happened in Noakhali, Bangladesh, when a young gardener was isolated from her family due to heavy rains and rapidly rising waters.

Wildlife artist Hasibul Wahab captured the brave act on a photographic journey.

He said the people of Noakhali lose some of their deer during peak season, which they must do their best to ensure.

He said. “He was such a brave boy, the waterway was so full of water and it was high tide so we thought he might drown.

“My companion was really ready to jump into the stream to save the boy. But he succeeded, and when he came back, we thanked the boy.

“There were five to seven people watching it happen, but it was an incredible sight.”

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