Incredible story: 15-year-old dog reunited with adoptive family after 10 years of wandering

This incident took place in the northeastern Hallreg of Nebraska, United States.

A nice man found a dog without a family, very thin, looking dejected. This kind-hearted person took him to the local veterinary clinic North Park Veterinary Hospital.

The discouraged dog was dehydrated. He suffered from malnutrition. He also had ticks.

The dog carried an electronic identification chip and using this chip, it turned out that his name was Mimi.

At the clinic, Mimi underwent treatment under intensive supervision.

After being rescued, an animal rescuer from the Holdrege shelter, Yank Noose, So Young, said that according to vets the dog had been wandering for a few weeks.

Since Mimi had a microchip, So Young contacted a committee to investigate the case and receive information about the found dog.

Eventually, the woman was able to find out the name of the dog’s owner. We found this woman on Facebook.

“This woman lives in Georgia. I messaged her asking if she had lost a pet,” So Young told the Columbus Telegraph.

“The woman was more than shocked. She was crying on the phone sobbing,” Young recounted.

What this woman told Yang was incredible: Mimi had disappeared 10 years ago, when he was only 5 years old. It was really fantastic.

In a few days, Yang’s husband, named Steve, traveling 700 kilometers, brought the dog back to Columbia, Missouri, where the hero of our story finally found his paternal home left for such a long period of time.

“A very surprising thing: ten years have passed, but the dog recognized the son of his owners. He was a child then, now a young man,” Yang said.

Mimi was fine and her mistress was full of gratitude to Yang and Steve.

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