In Russia the couple adopted a bear cub and they have been living together in the same house for years

It’s an incredible story of friendship between a family and a bear.

A Russian couple lives with a bear more than twenty years ago. The cub was adopted when he was an orphan of a few months.
He was found by the hunters of their village all alone and in a terrible state. The spouses welcomed the baby, cared for and protected him.

They named him Stefan and since that day we’ve been living together.

Stefan is a brown bear, very intelligent and loves watching television with his humans. He is a sociable bear and he is never aggressive.

He eats a lot of food, lots of fish, eggs and vegetables every day. He also likes condensed milk.

We can say that the bear is cute and it weighs only two hundred kilos. He is always fit because he loves playing football.

Yes, this plantigrade likes to play ball and is quite restless.

He also loves to pose in photo shoots.
The couple say the bear has never bitten them and loves to be cuddled.

Stefan also likes to snuggle up with the spouses on the couch.

He is a very talented bear and even waters the vegetable garden.

Picnic days are a real treat for Stefan. He waits impatiently for them.

Really living with an adult bear in the same house is a real miracle.

The couple cannot imagine their life without their faithful friend, so wise and so funny.

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