A cat woke up its owners and saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning

In Florida, a cat saved its owners’ lives by warning the couple that the house was filling with carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a highly toxic, tasteless and odorless substance. It is produced by combustion and is also found in car exhaust.

Married couple Paul and Leona Jones are from Deltona, Florida. One day, after going to the supermarket, they were driving home, but when they put the car in the garage, they forgot to turn off the engine. The carbon monoxide produced by the car first filled the entire garage, then entered the house through the fans and began to spread through the rooms.

The couple had already gone to bed, and if it hadn’t been for a cat named Bella, they wouldn’t have woken up the next morning.

Bella started to get nervous and meow very loudly, then ran into the couple’s bedroom and continued to make loud noises. These sounds woke Paul up and when he sensed something was wrong, he immediately woke Leona up.

The woman found it difficult to wake up, she was already weak from gas poisoning. It turned out that the motor vehicle had been parked in the garage for at least eight hours.

“I just didn’t notice the engine was running, so I didn’t press the right button,” Paul explains.

Paul immediately began calling 911, and when firefighters arrived they found the source of the carbon monoxide in the garage and then rushed both husbands to the hospital.

According to the firefighters, before arriving, the man was in a very bad condition.

“Paul was near death. I was very weak, but everything got worse with Paul, he almost died,” says Leona.

The Joneses are still suffering from muscle weakness and constipation, but are otherwise doing well. They thank their cat for saving their lives, and they also post a big notice in their garage to check that the car’s engine is off.

As for the cat itself, it was not injured by the gas.

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