A beautiful fluffy cat was thrown away during the move, but he got help from good people

Somewhere in Virginia, the family sold their house and moved out, leaving their pet on the street – a beautiful, fluffy ragdoll cat.

Once out in the cold, the former pet was shocked and started walking around other houses in the neighborhood, trying to find food and shelter there.

One day the cat came to the house of an indifferent woman, who already knew that the cat had been abandoned by former tenants in the neighborhood and she was very indignant about this situation and the fate of the animal (goodnewsanimal.ru ).

“Here in Virginia, the winters are very cold, so luckily the cat found shelter at my neighbor’s house. The truth is that her husband is allergic to cats, so she put the cat in the garage. There is food, water, toys, a heater, a warm blanket.

However, the woman understood that it was only a temporary refuge. So she called a friend named Debbie, who was volunteering at a cat shelter.

Last week, Debbie came to pick up the cat at her house.

“He is absolutely gorgeous and his character is very gentle, docile and gentle. And he immediately started driving me around like he’s been living here a long time and walking everywhere.” explains Debbie.

A fat cat with luxurious fur and a royal gait seems to have suffered a lot during the time he had to live on the streets. Now he almost did not leave people and constantly went looking for volunteers.

“It’s like a bucket full of love. Because of this and due to the approach of the Valentine’s Day holiday, I gave it the name Valentino”.

Due to street life, the cat’s beautiful smooth fur was dirty and sometimes confused. But the most important thing was to cure the upper respiratory tract infection. Vet Valentino also received numerous vaccinations.

In appearance, the cat is about 2-3 years old, tangled pieces of wool were removed with scissors, and antibiotic treatment was prescribed.

“All the staff at the clinic were delighted with him. He was purring all the time and rubbing his hands! He even tried to rub his feet when people were working with the computer.

Everyone thinks Valentino deserves a lot bigger than life in an orphanage. Now Debbie is actively looking for new masters.

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