The cat, lost for several months, is nowhere to be found, but then she hears her friend’s voice.

It’s a touching moment when a little girl is reunited with her missing cat. For more than two months, the cat was not found, but his human friend never stopped his search and never gave up. Luckily, her efforts paid off and she got the chance to cuddle her friend. The emotional reunion was caught on camera by the girl’s father!

Adventurous, like any other cat, Tita loved to walk around the neighborhood. However, she never went too far and always came back on time until she disappeared one evening. Her family was devastated, but the most affected – by far – is Tita’s human sister, who couldn’t help but cry. Either way, they never gave up hope and continued to search for the missing cat for days.

But days were turning into weeks and weeks into months, and there was still no sign of Titus. The idea that she would never see her beloved cat again was too much for a desperate little girl. But then fate smiled on her when a neighbor told the girl’s family that her favorite furry friend had been spotted at the neighborhood school.

A few minutes later, the girl’s father arrived there. But the school doors were closed and they couldn’t see Tita anywhere. That’s when the girl started calling Tita by name, and she just appeared and rushed straight into her arms.

“The family lost their kitten ‘Titou’ two months ago, it turns out they saw her at school and ran to get her,” reads the caption of the video. “It was a kitten’s reaction to hearing the voice of its human little sister…Never give up hope!”

Watch the full teardrop reunion here!

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