A dog refuses to leave the construction site where he last saw his family

In Suzette Hall’s experience, runaway dogs are usually on the loose, while abandoned dogs stay and wait for their master to return.

When a group of ‘good Samaritans’ told Mr Hall that a dog had been hiding for three days under a construction sign on a busy road, he knew it would be a challenge to catch the frightened dog. Not only was the pup out of reach, he probably didn’t want to be taken far from where he hoped to be reunited with his family.

And despite the neighbor’s best efforts, Hall was right.

He was very scared of people, Hall said. If people tried to sit near him or walked past with their dog, he would bark at them.”

People who couldn’t get near Hall also helped in the rescue, as some people cooked hot dogs for him and used them as bait.

However, even when hot dogs were placed in the trap, the dogs did not try to enter it, even with an empty stomach.

After hours of unsuccessful attempts, Hall decided to leave the trap overnight and return first thing the next morning to try again.

When Hall returned to the scene the next morning, the dog was where rescuers had last seen it, but something was different. By then, the area was quiet and the dog didn’t seem too scared. When Hall returned to the scene, the dog was safely in the trap.

Then we worked together to give the dog a name that suited him.” We called her Bella,” Hall said. To us, she looked like a Disney princess.”

Hall says Bella came out of her shell when she knew she was safe and loved.

And now that she has a loving veterinary nurse who is ready to welcome Bella, Ms. Hall is sure that she will continue to thrive under her care and finally get the happiness she deserves.

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