This adorable baby elephant copies his mother’s movements and captures people’s hearts with his innocent actions

There are several stories about elephants. These giant animals are highly intelligent and very loyal to their family and to humans as well.

Baby elephants are sociable and understanding creatures. They are cute and amazing.

The magnificent images of this baby elephant with its mother have been admired by several people on social networks.

Baby Heaven lives on a reserve with his mom Samboon. This mischievous little wonder manages to replicate what its mother elephant does.

Samboon was able to escape from a trekking camp where he transported tourists to hard-to-reach regions over several kilometres. And at that time, she was in the making.

Now the gentle elephant lives with her lovely baby in complete safety. Héavant tries to copy his mother’s every move.

The cute baby elephant amazes everyone who looks at him and he won their hearts.

Besides repeating his mom’s movements, he likes to take a nap anywhere and anytime, regardless of who is around at the time.

Usually, the mother elephant introduces her baby to her herd when the calf reaches a certain age.

Little Heaven is already 3 months old and Samboon has already introduced him to the herd.

The adorable baby got used to his environment very quickly. Currently, he is the most beloved baby elephant in the herd thanks to his cute appearance and sociable character.

Admire the baby elephant who so skilfully copies his mother’s movements!

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