Stunning images show the oldest lion in the Maasai Mara in all his pride.

All animals in nature are fascinating, but it is almost impossible to find a wild animal as majestic as the lion. It is for this reason that they have earned the title of “king of the jungle”.

This magnificent animal has long been a source of inspiration for photographers, as the lion is a symbol of ferocity and a constant source of awe.

Recently a photographer managed to photograph the oldest lion and the results are nothing short of phenomenal. Leighton Lam, a 33-year-old photographer from Hawaii, traveled to Kenya’s most famous reserve for a unique encounter.

Morani, a long-time resident of the Masai Mara, took over the title of oldest lion after the death of his famously scarred brother. Morani is now 14 and still looks healthy and enjoying life. However, the scars on his face testify to the difficult life he led.

Morani is the last “king” of four brothers who ruled the country for ten years. His story is one of the most impressive and moving.

Morani was part of a confederation of four, the only one left, explains the cameraman. He was a lone wolf, and the pride was chased by a male, but the author believes it is a natural process in lions that the strongest male leads the pride.

Like most male lions, Morani spends most of his time sleeping and resting. They are lazy by nature and can sleep up to 20 hours a day,” says Layton

“I saw them in the morning and when I came back at the end of the day they were less than four meters from where I had left them. They are also very slow when getting up and sitting down.

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