Completely mute Girl Surprises Everyone When She Tells Her Therapy Ass These Magic Words

Today we are going to present to you a somewhat extraordinary story of a donkey and a girl who was only two years old:

Rescuers found it in a truss tied around the neck which severely damaged the animal’s skin.

And what is incomprehensible his owner tried to help his animals with the bleaching liquid

The unfortunate pup was taken to a veterinary clinic

At birth, the girl underwent a complex surgical operation: she underwent a tracheostomy, but the ligaments were damaged.

As a result, the child could neither speak nor make sounds.

Also, Amber received a terrible diagnosis – children’s cerebral palsy.

Because of this disease, it was difficult for her to gain strength and move.

The girl’s parents talked about the reserve and recommended presenting the donkeys to Amber.

And of course, between these the girl and the animal appeared a special bond: They became faithful friends.

And after the operation for vocal cords and the girl wanted to see her friend again:

Seeing him she kisses him and says the words of love.

Amber recovered quickly.

Now everything is going very well in Amber’s life but of course she can’t forget her irreplaceable look.

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